7 Quick Takes Friday-New Family of Four

Kisses from big brother. Doesn't she look thrilled???

1. This is my first official 7 Quick Takes as a mama of two, and I have to say...I'm stunned I managed to pull it off. This blog post, that is. Lately I consider myself pretty lucky if I manage to grab a shower that's longer than two minutes (and mind you, my mom is here until tomorrow helping us out. It's going to get ugly, and probably smelly around here after she leaves).

2. Baby Alessandra is healthy, happy and nursing like a champ. Unfortunately, she appears to have a "lazy latch," so not only does that mean my nipples are killing me (I know absolutely everyone needed to know that), but I'm pretty sure I will be attending a La Leche League meeting in the Shreveport/Bossier area tomorrow for some assistance. I didn't have this problem with Tony, so it's been a new and painful experience for me.

3. I won't lie, that first post-birth drive thru margarita was heavenly. 

4. Poor Will had to go from celebrating the birth of his new daughter last weekend to a jam-packed, busy week of school, and three midterms to boot. Fortunately his professors took pity on him and two of them allowed him to postpone the midterms, but man. He is one exhausted papa right now.

5. My mom and I may have gone on a pink-crazy shopping binge yesterday. Don't get me wrong, Will and I would have been absolutely thrilled if we had had another beautiful little boy, but it's just kind of hard to get excited about shopping for boy clothes. Mothers with sons, you know what I'm talking about. Walk into pretty much any department story in the country and head to the baby section. You'll see rows upon rows of gorgeous pink attire, and maybe (if you're lucky) two or three racks of white and light blue. So yeah. After buying countless sports, dogs and truck clothing for the past two years, it's fun to indulge a bit in some pretty, delicate girly clothes.

6. My awesome sister in-law has a neighbor/friend who runs a lactation cookie business, and I am the very happy recipient of a package of boob cookies (yes, I'm calling them boob cookies). They are delicious, and I'm able to happily indulge without guilt. Four cookies yesterday? Don't judge me, man! They're helping with my milk supply! So yeah. Thanks Aimee! :)

7. Jennifer from Conversion Diary gave birth to her baby boy last week, too! Unfortunately her poor little guy is still in the NICU, and I know she would appreciate the extra prayers. Grace from Camp Patton is hosting 7 Quick Takes today, so visit her blog for more posts!

Happy weekend everyone, and thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love, prayers and support we received after Alessandra's birth last weekend.


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