Happy Easter

The happiest of Easters to everyone! On this most sacred day of the year, we celebrated in style. First as good Catholics; Will and I attended the ever-beautiful Easter Vigil last night at our church.
Yep. Still pregnant. I think the dog's butt adds a nice touch to the picture, too.

Then we celebrated as good Italians, with our traditional Easter morning bread.
Tony enjoyed his "big boy" Easter breakfast, although I'm pretty sure he was eyeing the candy around the house....
It's just not a holiday in the Tenney household unless you're wearing jammies for the wrong season.

Last but not least, we celebrated by helping Tony find the Easter eggs and basket, which were hidden by the Easter bunny the night before.
This particular egg was hidden in a glass bowl on top of the bookshelf. Tony actually attempted to climb the shelves in order to retrieve it. Smooth move, Easter bunny.

I hope everyone had a beautiful, memorable, blessed Easter Sunday. 


  1. You look amazing, Marisa, and that bread looks delish! Happy Easter!!

  2. Thanks so much!!! Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!


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