7 Quick Takes-Upside, Downside

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1. Will has been gone for ROTC training since early Wednesday morning, and he won't return until late Sunday night. Booo. The upside? My awesome mother in-law has been here since Tuesday afternoon, and I've been able to relax knowing that I have some help with Tony, not to mention some delicious Southern cooking. Black beans and yellow rice for dinner tonight....yum!

2. There is an upside and downside to owning a somewhat pricey European vehicle. The upside is that it's a great, safe car that requires little maintenance and will last us several years. The downside? When it DOES need a repair, it's freaking expensive. Thank goodness for tax returns.

3. For those of you who are curious, our car's name is Hans Jurgen. (Yes, we are "those" people who name our vehicles). We bought him in Germany in 2008, and we decided he needed a full-blown European name. Otherwise, you know, it would just be wildly inappropriate. Or something like that.

4. I'm approximately 70,000 years pregnant (in actuality, 38 1/2 weeks). The upside is that we will be meeting our littlest sweetheart soon enough. The downside? Knowing that I will be in labor relatively soon kind of scares me, especially after the 27-hour labor I had with Tony. Everyone says second babies come earlier and I won't have as long of a labor, but frankly I'll believe that when I experience it firsthand.

5. Despite the numerous raised eyebrows I've received from family, friends, and perhaps even my husband, I've decided to give placenta encapsulation a try. I found a doula/birth photographer/placenta encapsulation specialist in Texas who will do it for me (I know there are Super Moms who actually do it in their own kitchen after the birth of their babies, but I've decided against this for a couple of reasons. One, I don't want my house to smell like death. Two, I will be recovering from birth and trying to take care of both a newborn and a toddler. Believe it or not, I know my limits. Three, and most importantly, I've never attempted anything like this before and I'm quite certain I would screw it up). I know there are a ton of benefits to placenta consumption, but frankly I'm a little too squicked out by the idea of eating it like a sushi roll. Nice, tidy little capsules seem like the way to go.

6. I know it's a major cliche to even think this, much less say it, but I'll say it anyway. I can't believe how quickly time flies. By this time next year, we will (most likely) be in a new location. We spend an average of two years-sometimes less-in any given place, and with Will graduating in December and receiving his commission....I wonder where we'll end up next? Hopefully somewhere cool. And by "cool" I mean, not in the middle of nowheresville and a place with a decent Italian market.

7. I'm proud to report that after many excruciating weeks, I no longer crave sweets. Well, that's not entirely true. I'm very excited for our post-Holy Saturday mass sweets extravaganza, but I think I look forward to that more out of tradition's sake than my actual desire to consume a ridiculous amount of sugar.

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  1. Wait what? you're eating the placenta? That sounds kinda gross and canibalesque.

    What are the benefits of this action?

    1. Haha! Well, I don't know about cannibalistic, but it's definitely something I would have side-eyed in the past. There's actually quite a few benefits; gives milk supply a boost, helps to counteract postpartum depression, gives the new mama a much-needed burst of energy, replenishes nutrients that were lost during the process of giving birth, etc. That being said, I would only stick with capsule consumption. (It will be dehydrated, ground up into a fine powder, and poured into little capsules). Some women are brave enough to chop it up over a period of a few weeks and blend it into a smoothie. I am not one of those brave women.

  2. I think placenta encapsulation is a great idea! I've always wanted to give it a try, but it's hard to find people who do it around here. And with my last pregnancy (twins) I ended up going into labor before I could make any preparations! But just so you know, this internet stranger thinks it's totally a normal thing :P

    1. Thanks Rosie! I totally hear you; the woman who is doing the encapsulation for me lives almost 2 hours away (but 1 hour away from the birth center where I'll be delivering). But I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's a good idea! :)


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