7 Quick Takes-Insomnia Edition

--- 1 ---
I really hate to be one of "those" women who complain about pregnancy aches and pains. I know how fortunate I am to be pregnant, have a healthy pregnancy with an active, growing baby, and to be considered low-risk. That being said....third trimester insomnia is brutal. I don't think I had more than one hour of sleep last night. Every time I moved, T-Quad would start kicking me in my ribs. By the time 3am rolled around, my eyes were burning, my head was pounding, and I was so exhausted I was almost in tears. Fortunately, my midwife gave me the go-ahead to take a Tylenol PM on nights like last night (the only reason I didn't is because I had to wake up on the early side), so that's the current plan for tonight.
--- 2 ---
Will found out that he's (more or less) required to attend the military ball on March 16th. Also known as "Marisa will be 37 weeks pregnant" week. I don't want him to have to go alone-how lame would that be?-so I sucked it up and found an actually pretty/flattering/appropriate maternity formal gown. It's long, silver, and has kind of a Greek goddess feel to it. Hopefully I can pull it off.
--- 3 ---
I met Immaculee Ilibagiza at our church last week. It was...amazing, and that's not doing her justice at all. A post-including pictures of our meeting!-will follow in the next couple of days.
--- 4 ---
I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but Will and I became hooked on American Horror Story after we saw that it was available on Netflix. We LOVED the first season; I mean, really loved it (we're horror film/TV series addicts). The second season is just...meh. Entertaining but not as good as the first season.
--- 5 ---
I would also like to thank my husband for introducing me to the hilariousness-is that even a word?-that is Cracked. It satisfies my need for snark, quality writing and (occasionally) immature humor.
--- 6 ---
Trying to plan T-Quad's baptism is proving to be very stressful. Mainly because we have no idea when Will is going to be leaving for his month-long training in Washington state this summer. US Army, help me out here.
--- 7 ---

I am beyond excited/curious/anxious to find out who our next pope will be. Any guesses, readers?

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