7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. Beware the Ides of March! Yes, I went there.

2. Habemus Papem!! I am so grateful that Tony decided to take a decent nap on Wednesday, because let me tell you I was glued to the TV for the better part of that afternoon. If he had been awake and running around, I'm pretty sure I would have absent-mindedly given him a bag of sugar to play with (or something equally destructive). I'm really, really happy with the election of our new Pope, and I have no doubt he will be an amazing leader for our church. Not to mention, how cool is it that Will and I were able to watch history unfold? I was born in 1981, and JPII was Pope, and would be all through my childhood and teenage years. When Benedict was elected back in 2005, Will and I were living in Kansas, and we were so broke we couldn't afford to have TV and internet in our apartment. We missed seeing the whole thing, and I spent the next couple of weeks playing "catch up" online at my job. 

3. Tomorrow is the military ball, and I kind of feel like I'm preparing for a high school prom again. I have my hair and nail appointments scheduled, the dress and shoes are ready, and the babysitter is booked for the evening (okay, to be fair, I didn't have to worry about that last part in high school). Even though I'm going to feel slightly ridiculous in a formal gown this far along in my pregnancy, I'll admit I'm kind of excited about the whole girly getting-ready thing. 

4. For someone who is a terrible procrastinator, I actually feel semi-prepared for T-Quad's arrival. As prepared as I can be, anyway. From next week on out, we will pretty much have someone staying with us non-stop to be able to care for Tony if I spontaneously go into labor (pleeeeeease God I really don't want to get to the almost 42-week point again!). My mother in-law is coming here on Tuesday, and my mom will most likely arrive the week after. It's gettin' real around here!

5. In addition to receiving a new Pope on Wednesday, we also recognized K9 Veterans Day. For those of you who don't know, Will was a dog handler with the Army for five years. He and his dog Cris went on multiple deployments, presidential missions, and the like together. Cris kept my husband safe (not to mention he's a really awesome dog!) and for that I will love him forever. He (he being the dog) was declared unable to work after their last deployment in Iraq together, and the Army vet agreed that Cris should be put up for adoption. Will and I couldn't do it, since we knew we would be moving to a place that had breed restrictions on dogs, but my parents very generously stepped up and agreed to adopt Cris. This is a picture of Will and Cris, the day we left Germany to head to our new home in Boston. Crissy came home with us, and he's been with my parents ever since!
6. The Easter Bunny did some early..."shopping" and there is candy on top of our fridge. It has been taunting me for the past week. I'm looking at this as a lesson in extreme self-control and Lenten sacrifice. Or as a simple, "what exactly were you thinking buying Easter candy two weeks before Easter when you gave up sweets for Lent?" lesson.

7. Since I've been in so much physical pain this past week (mainly back pain) I've done the "bad parent" thing and let Tony watch more TV than I normally do. Those godawful kids songs are wearing a groove in my brain. Sid the Science Kid, Octonauts, Jake and the Neverland Pirates....merciful Lord Jesus save me!

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  1. Ohh, your ball sounds like so much fun! Enjoy every minute! Hope you feel better, Marisa =)

  2. Thanks so much, Stephanie! I'll post some pictures afterward (assuming the slow dancing won't send me into labor, lol!). :)


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