7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I'm about to begin my list of "Books I Would Like To Read While Nursing My Newborn Baby During Odd Hours Of The Night." I'm not sure how much reading I'll be doing during the day, since I have a toddler (although, to be fair, I will probably be reading lots of Strega Nonna and truck books with Tony whilst nursing T-Quad). If you're a literary geek, or just really enjoy a good book every now and then, please leave me some suggestions. I will make my trek to the library about a week before my due date.

2. One unintentional bonus of meatless Fridays during Lent is that our grocery bill drops. Crazy how expensive meat is, even grocery shopping at a place like Target with my Red card.

3. I get to meet Immaculee tonight at our church!!!!! *happy dances around my living room*

4. I would really, really love to get down to New Orleans one last time before we leave Louisiana (in theory, anyway) next year. Preferably kid-less, since I really don't want to expose my toddler and baby to the craziness that is Bourbon street on a weekend. Not to mention this mama will be drinking a Hand Grenade or two. If you don't know what a Hand Grenade is, all I can say is that you're missing out. If we can make it down there once, fantastic. If not, well, I still have wonderful memories from the trip Will and I made down there in 2010 with our friends. 

5. Being the culinary dork that I am, I've already begun to make our Easter dinner menu. I am well aware that this plan could fall through, as I will either be gigantically pregnant and in no condition to cook, or have a newborn baby and be too exhausted to get up off the couch. I may be crazy, but I love making big holiday dinners for our family. 

6. I will shamelessly admit that I'm addicted to trashy reality TV. In this particular case, my addiction is Gypsy Sisters on TLC. I can't help it. It makes my day a little brighter when Nettie complains about her sister Mellie's drinking problem, adding that she needs "AAA." 

7. Lastly, please pray for my friend Becca and her two young daughters. Their husband and father died unexpectedly on Monday, and the funeral is today. I feel terrible that I can't attend, but it's in Wisconsin and there's no way I could make it. They can certainly use all the love, prayers and support in the world during this tragic time. 

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  1. We can make New Orleans happen. How old will T-Quad need to be before you can realistically be away for a weekend?

  2. That sounds great! Since I'm pretty much nursing around the clock with a newborn, we would have to wait until T-Quad is starting to eat solid foods and can take a bottle of expressed milk (sorry if this is TMI for my single male friend!). :) So probably 7-8 months. Is that realistic? It would pretty much be the same time of year that it was when we went down there the last time.

  3. maybe you'll need a babysitter! ;)

  4. I just might!! ;) Although I know you wanted to go to NO too...


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