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1. Another Valentine's Day has come and gone, and despite my best intentions, I did not wake up early enough to make Tony red heart-shaped pancakes. Thursdays are the LOOONNNNGGGGESSSSTTTT day of the week for us, and yesterday was no exception. However, even though Will and I made the mutual decision early on in our relationship to not celebrate VDay (it's just not our thing), we both agreed we would make it cute and fun for our kids. Special breakfast, cards and a candy and/or cookie treat. Fortunately, Tony's Big Boy School picked up the slack for me, and they had a little VDay party for the kids. Tony was in a fine mood when I picked him up and he showed me his bag of treats and a heart cookie.

2. Day Three of no sweets and praying the Rosary is underway. I got this. I can do this. I definitely know I did the right thing in giving up sweets, though; yesterday I was thinking, "well, after Tony wakes up from his nap, maybe he and I can get a frozen yogurt treat at the Frozen Frog! After all, it's Long Day Thursday...wait! No! Lent! Must not forget!" It's kind of sad how dependent I've become on the "occasional" sweet. Guess it wasn't so occasional after all.

3. Speaking of Lent, I think I'm going to put together a collection of Meatless Friday recipes and post it sometime here this week. Since I have a seafood-hating husband and that just makes Fridays during Lent SO enjoyable, I have to get kind of creative with the no-meat thing. If only I could introduce Will to the glory that is Friday Night Wisconsin Fish Frys...oh well. 

4. It's official-I am now waddling, and Will has to put on and tie my shoes for me. It's embarrassing and sweet at the same time. 

5. I found myself in hyper-nesting mode during Tony's nap yesterday. "Okay, so T-Quad is going to sleep in our room in the bassinet for the first couple of months, so by this time next month I have to have EVERYTHING in the room dusted, swiffered, washed, diaper pail and cloth diaper collection stocked, cloth wipes ready to go..." mind you, I didn't actually start DOING any of these things. I'm wandering around the house, taking notes of everything that needs to get done. I'm pretty sure Will thinks I'm insane, as most of these things (scrub the bathrooms? Ha!) wouldn't occur to him.

6. I had a half hour of college nostalgia yesterday after I dropped Tony off at school. I was flipping through the classical playlist on my iPod, and I randomly selected "Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis," which the chamber orchestra played my sophomore year in college (for those of you who don't know, I was a music-violinist-major in college). It's such a beautiful piece, and it brought back some wonderful memories.

7. My brother has another audition this weekend for grad school! Prayers and well wishes are much appreciated. He has so much talent and I really hope this works out for him.

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  1. If you would like to tell Tony that you did make heart shaped pancakes for him I'd be willing to back up there. Memory is a fungible thing. Especially when attempting to remember childhood.

    This can happen.

  2. *ponders* I like the way you think, Thomas. Who knows...I may take you up on your offer. ;)

  3. I'm due in late March and have yet to feel any urge to nest. Can you send some of that good stuff my way? ;)

  4. Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl? I'm sending nesting vibes your way! :)


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