7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I had my 28-week appointment with my midwife this past Tuesday, and it was determined that T-Quad is currently transverse (for those of you not familiar with pregnancy terms, it means that this little stinkpot is sideways instead of head down). Me, being the paranoid nutjob that I am immediately went to the worst case scenario, which is an automatic c-section. Fortunately, my midwife is much more sensible calm than I am, and she assured me that at 28 weeks, plenty of babies will flip on their own and I really shouldn't even think about acupuncture, a chiropractor, Spinning Babies or cold packs near the head until 32+ weeks. If anyone wants to send me "get this baby down!" vibes and prayers, I would greatly appreciate it.

2. Will starts his spring semester on Monday. It's hard to believe that not only have we been living in Louisiana for a year now, but he just finished his junior year of school. One more year, then it's full-time Army duty again! I wonder where our next assignment will be?

3. Tony begins his speech therapy at the Scottish Rite center this Tuesday, and it will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 10am-noon. Parents drop their children off and pick them up two hours later. On one hand, I'm very excited that Tony will benefit from speech therapy in a group setting with trained professionals. I'm also pathetically excited about doing grocery shopping by myself for those few hours. On the other hand...this is like a little "school" for him. He's only two, and I'm not sure how he'll handle being away from me or Will, since both of us are around so much. I'm nervous and I'm trying not to be, because I know this is a good thing.

4. I fully intend on doing a "date night" post sometime in the near future, mainly describing how Will and I find time to spend quality marriage time together while balancing Tony, school, Army duties, household duties, pregnancy, etc. I should also add that one of our favorite date night traditions is to watch horror movies or TV shows (we're weird like that). Despite having cable, we just recently discovered American Horror Story on Netflix, and we loved the first season. Once we figure out how to (legally) watch the second season, I predict it will make for some great future date nights. Stay tuned.

5. As I've mentioned before, I truly don't mind doing housework. In an odd way, I enjoy it...with the exception of dusting. I HATE dusting. I can vacuum, scour the kitchen and bathrooms, scrub floors all with zero problem, but dusting pisses me off to no end. Why, I have no idea. Anyone else feel this way? Or is there some other aspect of housecleaning you despise?

6. We are in the midst of a great household purge at the moment; old clothes that haven't been worn in years, books that we haven't read since college and will probably never read again, random things that make me stop in my tracks and think, "exactly WHERE and HOW did I acquire this?" Call it nesting, call it early spring cleaning, call it what you will. It feels good to clear a bunch of junk out of our house every now and then. Goodwill must LOVE us!

7. Any thoughts on when we should hold T-Quad's baptism? Normally I would suggest within the first month or so, but this time we're balancing my friend's wedding (at the end of May), Will's month of LDAC training in Washington state (date/month currently unknown), the schedule of our godparents who live in Alabama, and family being able to travel down here for a weekend. This is going to be a tough one.

Happy weekend! For more 7 Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


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