The Newest Addition

Here is an extremely short video of Teeny Tiny Tenney Two! We had our ultrasound at the birth center last Friday evening, and it was so exciting to see our sweet little baby moving around in there. The tech was laughing, because every time he moved the wand up or down on my stomach T4 would push on it. He also said it's a good thing we didn't want to find out the sex, because our little one was not cooperating at all! We wanted to get a really great profile picture, but he/she refused to turn around and give us a good profile shot. Both Will and I are happy and relieved that our baby is happy, healthy, and measuring right on schedule! Actually, the tech said according to the measurements my due date should be March 28th and not April 1st, but I'm totally not buying that. It's not like I have a history of having average-sized babies (RigaTony was 9lbs, 2.6oz).

So, what sayeth my readers? Boy or girl? When do you think I will deliver this baby? I should totally start a poll on my blog. Let's hear those answers! :)


  1. Post more pix of you. No idea on due date.

  2. Okay Becca! Consider your vote cast. :) Aim, I've been avoiding taking pics of me because I am not exactly representative of the "glowing" pregnant lady. I'm representing the "bloated, frumpy, black-circles-under-the-eyes" woman who is gestating a human being! :)

  3. I'm going with girl and April 2nd, because diamonds are a girl's best friend and it's a GREAT birthstone :) Then you'll have Garnet & Diamond makes a lovely ring ;)

  4. I like Connie's idea! But, I don't care if you have a puppy-I just want one that talks! ( Wait a minute. NOT a beagle!)


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