Guest Post-Make Sure Veterans are Healthy

For the past week, I've been suffering from a sinus infection and have been pretty much useless (ever notice how I only get sick when I'm pregnant and can't take a whole lot in the way of medication? Yeah, me too). Therefore, it was a relief when Emily Walsh of the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance contacted me and asked if she could write a guest post on my blog about the importance of keeping our veterans healthy. I totally saw this as a win/win; as a military wife I'm all for promoting a healthy lifestyle for our soldiers. It also means I don't have to think of a blog topic for the next few days and I can rest up a bit. :) So without further ado, please enjoy Emily's post and feel free to comment if you have any questions or concerns.

Make Sure Veterans Are Healthy

Our veterans are some of the most honored people in our nation.  While many of us have had the opportunity to spend time with our families daily, our veterans have gone weeks, months, and years away from them.  They have spent so much time away from their families because they simply want to make sure this country is protected.  Therefore, it is important to make sure we do all that we can to show our gratitude to them.  Parades, celebrations, and other events are great; however, if we really want to show our appreciation to them, we have to make sure that we keep them healthy when they return from service.  Of the many things that we can encourage veterans to do in order to stay healthy, the most important thing is to encourage them to get daily physical exercise.

Exercise Helps the Veteran Mentally
The eyes of a veteran have seen tragedies and other horrific sights that civilians will never see in their lifetimes.  With so many terrible sights and experiences, veterans may have a hard time coping with these things.  However, if the veterans choose to exercise daily, they can reduce the stress that comes with the experiences of war.  The body has tiny endorphins or “feel good hormones” that are released when the veterans exercise.  The veterans should try to exercise at any place that is available for them.  However, if the veterans can exercise outside and get exposure to sunlight, they will reduce their high stress levels even more.

Exercise Helps the Veteran Physically
During a battle; there are several things that may cause veterans a lot of harm.  These things include more than the basic war elements.  Veterans are exposed to many chemicals during a war.  Some of these chemicals may be asbestos, and they can cause the veterans to develop mesothelioma.  Mesothelioma is a serious cancer that affects the lining of the lungs.  Although many of the diseases caused by exposure to toxic chemicals aren’t preventable, exercising regularly can help veterans reduce their chances of becoming seriously ill.  Exercising will keep their bodies healthy and allow them to fight off diseases.

Veterans have made a lot of sacrifices for this country.  While it is important to celebrate them, it is more important to make sure they are healthy.  Therefore, when veterans return home, they should be given important tips on how to exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy.


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