The Best of Bronchitis

Are you sick to death (okay...pun intended) of all these posts about the various illnesses that have graced casa di Tenney over the past couple of weeks? Trust me, I'm sick to death of blogging about them. After the afore-mentioned stomach plague hit us last week, it appeared that we were very, VERY briefly on the mend. Alas, good health simply was not in our future. Bronchitis barged in through the door, plopped himself (herself? I'm not that PC) on our couch and eventually made his way into Will's system. Poor Will was miserable last week, but to his credit he dragged his sick, coughing self to the non-emergency clinic and was sent home with a z-pack, hydrocodone, and an excuse to miss this past weekend's Army Reserve duties. Then poor RigaTony came down with bronchitis (we're assuming), followed by a horrible chemical burn on his butt. Fellow parents, has anyone else experienced this lovely side effect of sickness with their child? It's truly awful. I burst into tears yesterday when we were changing his diaper, because poor Tony was crying and screaming in pain. Between the cough, the chemical burn and a fever it was severe enough to warrant a trip to the ER last night. My poor baby. I'm telling you, this parenting gig ain't easy. There is absolutely nothing worse than watching your child suffer.

I woke up this morning feeling like death, and I'm debating whether or not I should even bother going in to see my doctor. What kind of medicine can they give a pregnant woman, anyway? I'm just praying and praying and praying that we are all 100% cured by Wednesday at the latest. We are sick of being sick, I have Thanksgiving goodness food to cook, and a house that desperately needs to be cleaned.
We are a sorry bunch...but we still managed smiles for the camera. Because that's how we roll.


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