7 Quick Takes-The Plague Continued

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1. Well, the dreaded stomach plague has left our house, but has been replaced by the equally obnoxious and debilitating cold/cough. Both Tony and Will are sick, and Will is feeling so miserable he's actually trying to get seen by someone at the VA so he won't go to his reserve duties this week and get everyone around him sick. &$#! just got real here, folks. Normally it's like pulling teeth to even get Will to take a Tylenol. My little sicky bear isn't doing much better. He was coughing most of the night, and just generally feeling lethargic.

2. It's truly the small pleasures in life that make me happy. This morning, it was replacing fat free half and half with eggnog in my coffee. Don't knock it till you've tried it!

3. I always swore I would never be "frump mom"-you know, the mom who drops her small children off at school in her pajamas with curlers in her hair? Well, my child isn't anywhere close to being in school and I've already broken that promise to myself. Since Will is feeling like death, I offered to take Murphy out this morning. Approximately 30 seconds after leaving our house, I noticed that:

-I'm wearing bright red flannel pajama pants with reindeer on them, a white maternity tank top, and a bright pink VS Love Pink hoodie, complete with Will's hiking boots
-My hair is unwashed, windblown, and flying around haphazardly because I didn't even bother to grab a hair tie
-My $17 Target sunglasses keep falling off my face

I'm frump mom already. It looked like Christmas and Valentine's Day simultaneously threw up on me.

4. I absolutely can't wait to start cooking Thanksgiving dinner (the preparations will being on Tuesday morning). I'm trying a few new recipes this year, and they will definitely make an appearance on my blog. I actually made our Thanksgiving menu a few weeks ago. As you can see, I'm pathetically excited for Turkey Day this year. Even more excited that our wonderful friends Thomas, Stephen, and their parents will be joining us.

5. The wonderful season of Advent will soon be upon us, and I really can't wait. I'd like to say we do the "good Catholic" thing and wait to decorate everything (including the tree) until Christmas Eve, but I'm way too impatient for that. We start decorating pretty much the day after Thanksgiving. However, I compromise by making our preparations as religious as possible, and we really try to avoid the commercialism of Christmas.

6. Will's grandpa and his wife gave me the gift of homemade jam(!!!!!!) for my birthday. It is sinfully delicious, and I find myself sneaking into the kitchen frequently throughout the day to sample it. One of the many benefits of being pregnant; "what, biscuits and jam again? Why yes, our baby wanted it." *nods*

7. I will be attending my first ever bachelorette party for my dear friend and Tony's godmother next month in Milwaukee (I didn't really want one, and none of my other married friends had a traditional bachelorette party either). It's going to be a fun evening of dance lessons, dinner and drinks-obviously, not for me-with a great group of girls. I am more than happy to have the role of DDBD (designated driver by default). Not to mention I get to experience a glorious weekend in Milwaukee during the month of December! Keeping my fingers crossed for snow.

Happy weekend, everyone! For more quick takes, visit Conversion Diary.


  1. Better a holiday puked on you than will. :)

  2. Hey! I didn't get any of that jam ! :( Give that baby 6 kisses from his nana!

  3. I have been guarding the jam like the Holy Grail. Kind of like Will "guarding" the Halloween candy. ;) Kisses have been delivered to the bambino!


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