7 Quick Takes-On Again Off Again

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1. The "on again off again" refers to my relationship with cleaning. Generally, I can't stand it when the house is dirty (although Will has pointed out over the years that my definition of "dirty" is generally different from that of everyone else). Unfortunately, this past week I've been kind of a lazy bum. I've made dinner most nights, run the vacuum most days, but that's kind of been the extent of my Martha Stewart-ness. I'm just hoping any visitors we have either don't see our growing laundry pile, or they're polite enough to ignore it.

2. I'm officially addicted to Pinterest. I'm not exactly sure who got me hooked in the first place, but whoever you are-beware. I will hunt you down and make you pay!

3. The Louisiana State Fair is here, and we were going to take Tony today. Unfortunately, the South decided it had had enough of acting like summer during the month of October and finally gave us some real fall weather, in the form of freezing rain. The fair has been postponed. We are, however, taking Tony to the Dixie Maze pumpkin patch/hayride/corn maze/corn pit/kinda place tomorrow.

4. My "golden birthday" is on Wednesday. According to my mother, a golden birthday is a huge deal. Frankly, I stopped expecting people to make a big deal out of my birthday after I turned 21, but apparently a golden birthday warrants a birthday gift of jewelry from my parents. Not gonna argue that one too much. :)

5. I made the colossal mistake of buying two bags of Halloween candy the week before trick-or-treat. To be fair, we have a ton of kids in our neighborhood, but Will already opened one of the bags and has eaten most of the "good" candy. Conveniently, he is going to be at class on Wednesday night when the kiddos come by in search of candy, so I will have to be the one to explain that my 30-year old husband took their Reese's Peanut Butter Pumpkins and Hershey's cookies and cream chocolate bars.

6. We had a terrible time finding a Halloween costume for Tony this year. We were debating between a fireman (because he goes crazy every time he sees a firetruck) or a pirate (because he loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates on the Disney channel). We totally struck out with both, because all the pirate and fireman costumes looked cheap and crappy. We settled on a cute lion costume. Don't ask me why.

7. T-Quad is growing by leaps and bounds. At any rate, my belly is. I'm already experiencing uneasiness when well-meaning strangers ask how far along I am, and I tell them five months. They try to cover up the look of shock on their face with a, "oh, five months? Really? I would have thought....ummm, well congratulations!" Go ahead. Ask me how many babies I have in here. I dare you.

Happy (upcoming) Halloween, everyone!


  1. To be fair your neighbors were holding your broom ransom. That's gotta make it hard to clean.

    What is a Golden Birthday?

  2. Damn those neighbors of mine! I like the idea of blaming it on you guys, though. ;)
    I will be turning 31 on October 31. That is a golden birthday.

  3. 1. Cleaning I too have a love/hate relationship with it. I thought when the kids left my house would be clean turns out that doesn't happen w/o some effort on my part :)
    2. I too am a lover of Pinerest!
    3. Fairs + Kids (esp small)= nervous mother. No reason why so I just avoided taking the kids...go ahead ask them.
    4. Golden birthdays are a BIG deal, my was my 19th most of my friends were on Spring Break...big boring night. Claire's is her 21st and Nick's is his 30th!!
    5. We have never ever had any kids for trick or treating, but we always buy the candy...go figure.
    6. I once with my own hands made a Frankenstein costume for Nick...now that was something to see;)
    7. When I was pregnant with Claire I went to a wedding the beginning of August (she was due in January)and people thought I was on the verge of delivering. The second one always pops out right away...give them any look you want.
    See you're in good company darling! ♥

  4. Woa! I'll be turning 31 on March 31st so I have a golden birthday too!

    How do we properly celebrate golden birthdays?

  5. Love it, Connie! :)
    Thomas, I forgot about that! I'm a bad friend. Ummm, well knowing you you're going to celebrate your golden birthday in the form of some amazing trip that will cause massive jealousy over here at casa di Tenney. I'm also a fan of celebrating in the form of food! I shall bake whatever kind of cake/pastry strikes your fancy.

  6. Marisa, we have to celebrate your Golden Birthday first. That's why I was asking. Yours is considerably closer than mine and far more worthy of celebration.

  7. I'm not sure how my birthday is far more worthy of celebration, but hey I'll go with it! :) I will be celebrating tomorrow by taking Tony trick or treating around the neighborhood, and then waiting for Will to come home from class. Unfortunately Wednesdays are busy days for us.


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