7 Quick Takes-Fall is...sorta here

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1. It's finally starting to feel like October here in Louisiana. And by that I mean I can step outside without my sunglasses fogging up and immediately breaking out in a sweat. Brace yourselves, folks-I actually wore a 3/4 sleeve shirt the other day!

 2. Will has reserve duties this weekend, so Tony and Murphy and I will be holding down the fort. This is going to be interesting, to say the least. Tony is rapidly approaching the Terrible Twos, which means at least 3 tantrums throughout the day. Murphy is taking full advantage of my preoccupation with Tony's antics and manages to get into something he shouldn't.

 3. Will and I have made the conscious decision to cloth diaper T-Quad. We didn't with Tony, and I kind of regret it. Not only are disposable diapers crazy expensive after awhile, but they're so bad for the environment. (I'm really not going on a disposable diaper rant here; I'm still buying Pampers for Tony. It's a personal decision every parent has to make, and you have to do what's right for your family). I'm actually having fun reading CD books, checking out the different brands online, reading reviews. It's official-I'm a mom.

 4. Speaking of T-Quad, I have also made the conscious decision to make the switch from an OBGYN at a hospital to a freestanding birth center with a midwife. I can't tell you how many raised eyebrows I've received when people find out about this. In Boston, no one would have even blinked (apparently midwifery is much more common on the East coast). In the South, this pretty much guarantees me a spot on a hippie commune.

 5. NO MORE BACK PAIN!!!! At least, no more than usual. Physical therapy and prenatal yoga have done wonders for me.

 6. I'm forcing myself to cook healthy meals, when all I really want to do is make macaroni and cheese, calzones, penne alla vodka, garlic bread, and cupcakes all day long. Stay strong, Marisa. Think of T-Quad.

 7. I am becoming more and more excited for the wedding of our dear friends, Aleia and Michael, which will be in Mexico this January. I'm trying to focus on the afternoons lounging by the pool, eating delicious food, and being a part of their ceremony (I'm a bridesmaid and Tony is the ring bearer). I'm also ignoring-for the time being-my fears of fitting into my bridesmaids dress when I'll be six months pregnant, and the plane ride with Tony. God give me strength!!


  1. Ugh, I had such horrible back pain with my last pregnancy. Turns it it was from a big baby, lol! I'm glad you found relief.

  2. Oh no, don't tell me that!! Tony was 9lbs 2.6oz (and posterior) at birth. Lol this next baby better not be any bigger!! :)


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