Easter weekend

Well, that was a long yet unintentional break from Mia Cucina. Work, Holy Week, and lots of random things kept popping up that prevented me from updating the blog. However, I'm back and there are going to be a slew of posts these next couple of days! I'll begin with Holy Saturday, which ended up being an absolute blast. As I mentioned before, Will and I gave up sweets for Lent, which has been interesting, to say the least. I never thought I would miss German candy so much! My friend and co-worker Thessally, and her daughter Lani gave up sweets as well, and Thessally came up with a great idea for Holy Saturday-Will and I should go over to her house for an awesome Filipino dinner, we could all go to mass, and then go back to her house and pig out on sweets. Well, dinner was absolutely incredible, and my only regret is that I didn't get any pictures. We had salad, chicken adobo, and homemade lumpia. Yummmmmmm.

For my non-Catholic friends and readers, Holy Saturday mass is very beautiful but very long. Long as in almost three hours. So by the time mass ended and we returned to Thessally's house, we were all ready to begin the sugar fest! I made peanut butter blondies and cookies, and Thessally made rice krispie treats, chocolate-covered strawberries, white chocolate chip cookies, and had an assortment of candy out. I included a picture of her table at the top of this post.

When Will and I returned home on Sunday, he had a surprise waiting for him as well-an Easter basket with lots of bunny rabbit candy! Coming up next, my recipe for Pane di Frutta, my mom's delicious Easter bread. Cheers!


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